Sunday, November 20, 2011

PPP - Presentation Post - WK #4

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Since I was unable to present my paper for publication in Wimba this week, I shared my paper with my classmate and my critical friends and this is the feedback I received.  This considerate feedback was beneficial in helping me prepare my paper for publication.

From Rosetta Cash:

"Good introduction and thorough coverage of the literature review. I do think that you can expand and add a bit more information in your methodologies section. Overall, I found your article informative. It provided me with information about Twitter that I did not know. I am not a Twitter user and have avoided becoming a part of the Twitter phenomenon. However, looking at its potential in academia has me rethinking my position."

From Laura Hammock:

"Aside from the few grammar and typos that we talked about that you need to fix, I think your paper sounds good.  I still think you need to consider adding a Facebook presence for them to drive traffic to their Twitter feed.  I know that you said you are not working with them anymore, but I think that would be an easy suggestion to add to your paper.  Maybe add a sentence stating that in the future a Facebook page could be added to increase their online presence.  All of that being said, you offer a lot of interesting ways to use Twitter."

From Karla Thompson:

 "I enjoyed learning about Twitter and its educational implications.  While I’m familiar with Twitter personally I have not considered its use in the classroom.  I would encourage you to proof your draft for punctuation and capitalization to ensure consistency throughout the document.  There were also some grammatical and mechanical errors that could impede the intended meaning of your paper."

Sunday, November 13, 2011

PPP Think-a-loud post #2 week 3

(screenshot taken from

Last week I shared that I have decided to publish and that the forum I have selected for publication is Edutopia.  The focus of their magazine and website is less academic than the other journals that I reviewed in making my selection.  In preparing to ready my paper for publication I have been reviewing articles on the Edutopia website (  The popular science meets practical classroom application feel of the articles I read there makes me feel like I can tailor my current literature review and description of my methodologies from my Action Research website to craft an article that would fit into their editorial vision.  I still have some confusion about how to best do that to fit both their criteria for submission and the parameters outlined in the PPP assignment listed on FSO.  I see that in step 2 that our options are expansion (for a more academic journal) or compression (for a less academic journal).  I think that I will be doing a lot of compression and I think that I will be doing something like "Top 10 ways to use Twitter in Education."  Which means that my article will be significantly shorter and much different from the literature review even though it will be taken from it.  Fingers crossed that I am on the right track.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

PPP Think-a-Loud Blog Post #1 - week 2

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In considering wether to publish or present I have decided to publish.  I reviewed all of the journals and conferences and decided that the forum that best suits my Action Research Project is Edutopia.  While the link listed for information on publication in Edutopia listed on the PPP assignment page is no longer a working link, I did a search to find about submission and the screenshot with that information is posted above.  I also think that since Edutopia is less academic it will fit the style of article that I can craft from my Action Research Project.  My concern about Edutopia is since they have a staff of writers already and do not actively seek guest submissions, I feel like that makes the chances steeper for those not on staff to get published in their magazine or on the website.