Saturday, October 22, 2011

Response to Kris Knof

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wk4 Reading - Art of Possibility Ch9-12


Rosalynn said...

Loved the fact that you used a video for this one. Especially when talking about networking and see a person face to face. This wasn't a face to face situation, but it did make the presentation more personal. People often forget the importance of real life networking because of technological advances. Thanks for helping me remember, maybe I can use this in my workplace.
Kevin McLain said...
I think what you said is important. Meeting in person shows you're willing to go the extra mile. It generates that spark.

I like you interpretation of the story of the bike: "How can I use what I've got?" In other words, can what looks like a bad situation be reframed to benefit all involved. I must admit when I read the story, I felt like this is a long way to explain that you asked for 2 quarters - but I think after hearing your take on it made me reconsider that sometimes the easiest solutions are the most obvious but we sometimes fail to see them because we are looking at them through the blinders of what we believe is fair, right, acceptable. By allowing the men to give her the money, she was able to let them express their generosity.

Nice to hear you share a story about the St. John's River - my bedroom and balcony overlook the St. John's. Your story nicely summed up the practice of being the board. The gentleman you described was engaged in the practice without even realizing it.

I also liked the way you have you class create mission statements and make sure that they include in the the passion or the "why." I think this is a greg way to make sure that they aren't creating "visionless mission statements."

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