Sunday, October 9, 2011

wimba/free response week 2

Most of what was covered in Wimba I already talked about in some form or another last week (Fair Use, copyright issues, etc.).  The portion on publication and presentation does not apply to me so I don't have any comments on that.

So for my free response, I would like to talk about the death of Steve Jobs.  I think that while everyone is practically canonizing him it is important to look at how he sold out his original values and built a company on the backs of hundreds of thousands of Chinese workers whose working conditions he himself described after visiting the Foxconn complex, as unfair and inhumane.  As well, I think that in light of the discussion of copyright and who it is supposed to protect and benefit; the iTunes business model did nothing to support the creators and musicians and everything to benefit the distributor and the music industry.

Here is a great article on Foxconn:

Daily Mail Foxconn Article

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  1. Interesting. i hope when my time comes i will not be assessed on so few examples of my work. He was just a man and not a saint, but then he never said that he was anything other than someone who was passionate about creating this "bicycle for the mind...." We are all entitled to our own thoughts ...