Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 4 - Tuesday Night's Wimba

(screenshot from MAC613 Wimba Session Archive)

I heard something about OS Lion effecting Wimba at the start of this session, and I am assuming that this in my problem in trying to watch them.  I've been at it over 2 hours and I'm finally  through the 1st Wimba session;  It played for about 5 minutes and crashes and restarts me at the beginning.  

That aside, this format of presentation and feedback, seems very rewarding.  Catherine's feedback to Lania was insightful and helpful.  And I think Lania has a very clear idea of how to proceed with her goal of publication. 

Kris' CBR on Metadata seems incredibly useful in his instructional setting.  I like that when he was considering his project initially his goal was to make the project something that would be engaging and enroll his students' passion.  I also like that a big component of his project was having students present to other students and thus share their passion.  I like how this project is so pertinent to your students field of study and how much it will benefit them in practice once they enter the job market.  

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